Nov. 15, 2018

KL HUMPHREYS - The Scandals of Life (The Working Girls #2)

The main characters:

Stef: working, persistent, fighter, friendly

James: a liar, persistent

Jess: A fighter, kind

Pen: confident, fighter

Nat: a mysterious, sad, persistent, fighter






Rule number one: don’t sleep with the clients...

Escorting was supposed to be a short-term job to pay the bills. It wasn’t meant to lead to heartache. For Stefanie Wiley, love was never in the cards—until she met James Moore.

Being an escort was taboo but falling for James was downright scandalous.

He blew through her life like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction in his wake—a path she isn’t sure she can recover from.

Second chances aren’t something Stefanie believes in, but when truths are unveiled and lies are exposed, she has to decide whether to guard her heart or take a leap of faith.





My thoughts:

Oh how i love this series although it's hardly the second book in it i loved it from the first page in the first book to the last one in now second book. I likeed the heroine in the first boo kan now Stef that is is a fighting and definitely a persistent woman. This book keept me on the end of my chair and there were moments that i thought that …. Oh, can't finish this sentance.

After a bad childhood, she tries to build a better future for herself. Although she must be an escort to pay the bills, she does it diligently and with her head raised. She set up her own rule that she plans to stick to it. But when she meets James, this rule is all gone.

Since when James first saw Stef, he would do everything for her. There is a spark between them, which can not be ignored. But he is surrounded by a secret that he doesn't know how Stef will accept it. Will she forgive him and will love be enough to move forward? What about when she reveals her painful secret, what then?

In any case, this is one emotional journey, which is interwoven with a few violence moments. It's a tense journey in which I enjoyed and I look forward to continuing and getting to know this other cheerful, working and interesting characters.