Nov. 18, 2018


The main characters:

Harlow: Persistent, fighting, kind, sassy, decisive, broken

Miles: soldier, suffers, fights, hard working, strong

Winston: protective, friendly






They say everything happens for a reason- that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. For the longest time I didn’t think that was true. I had stumbled around in the dark for so many years that I didn’t think I would ever find my way out. But when I finally did, it came in the most unexpected way.

Miles Hollins had been my brother’s best friend for as long as I could remember. We didn’t like each other much growing up. Or rather, we couldn’t stand each other. But after ten years of being gone, a lot had changed.

He wasn’t the same boy I remembered. I wasn’t the same girl either. So much had happened. 
I moved away and got married.
Miles joined the military.
We both returned home broken in our own way.

I struggled to find my place in my new life. Miles struggled just to get through the day. But together we slowly began to heal. I quieted his demons and he gave me a sense of belonging. For a while that was enough.

But this is real life, and in real life nothing stays perfect forever. In real life not every story ends with a happily ever after. Sometimes the scars we carry are just too deep. 

I promised him I would fight. 
He promised me I would lose. 
I’ll do everything in my power to prove him wrong. Because it’s when you find the one thing you can’t live without, that you truly find yourself.






My thoughts:

She's separated. Almost.

He's a soldier. Was.

The army is stressful for many soldiers. Especially if they see horror stuff or that they suffered terrible things. Miles is one of those who experienced both. He lost his friends and made a mistake he regrets and now, after so many years, those mistakes always accompany him in his nightmares.

Harlow suffered in the marriage, but long after she was not happy she still stayed in it. Why? She doesn't even know why, maybe she was just waiting for the right moment. For a moment, something happens. And then she comes home.

None of them are the same. Each of them with their problems, past and secrets. He opened the tattoo salon at home and she, but she still lokking for herself. She's looking for her place under the sun, because the ex of hers did not give her a lot of opportunities to discover herself.

Miles and Harlow have been known since their young age, although they were not friends, they were hanging out because of her brother. And when after a long time they see again, something moves between them. No one of them knows what it would be, but it definitely leads them to a new path. The search path where them will find themselfs and where them will discover each other.

The book is the emotional journey of a soldier who wants to pick up, but he doesn't know how. There is nobody whom he would trust, someone who would just sit beside him and say nothing and would feel like someone listens to him. In any case, the emotional book with brave and fighting heroes who fight for themselves and for a better life, even when they think it is not worth it and would like to give up.