Feb. 5, 2019

PAVAN KAUR - Broken Glass

The main characters:

Hope: strong, fearful, determined, kind, shy, hurt, wounded

Leo: inexhaustible, determined, persistent, wounded, protective

Jackson: funny, kind, protective






Lies. Betrayal. Two hearts broken. One on the path of revenge. The other finding their way.

Make it out alive.
That was my only goal.
I succeeded.
But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to face the world.
Until Leo…
He’s shown me there is hope.
I can find happiness again.
There is a way.

They thought they broke me.
All they did was create a monster.
One who now has all the power.
Revenge is sweet, but it’s even better when it’s sought justly.
When all is said and done, they will answer for what they did to me, and to Hope.

Can two broken and battered hearts find refuge in each other, or are some wounds too deep to heal?




My thoughts:

¨So, what are you wishing for?¨

¨To be happy.¨

It is very difficult for me to write an opinion for this book because it is definitely one of the very good ones I read this year.

It's hard to describe all this agony, sadness, torture, ruthlessness and definitely power, in a few sentences.

Hope and Leo ... both powerful, with difficult past and with such a struggle and willpower in themselves that they gave me the courage to go to fight for what I want.

Hope barely escaped. Far away from everything bad, but that does not mean she is safe. It only means that she will have to fight more, trust more and give more courage in what she wants than anyone else.

The past is terrible, the future is unknown, but that does not mean that she lost hope.

Leo is fighting for justice. And he doesn't care if his hands would be covered with blood in the end. He doesn't want anyone to survive what he has survived, and he will do the anything that this will not happen to no one. But there is one person who wants to torture the most and he can't find him. But he will not give up.

One glance at her gives him a feeling that something is on her. Something pulls him to help her. But is he right in helping her? Will he really help or make it a runaway?

Can she save his and her demons and win?

Can these two broken and battered hearts love or wounds are too deep to be able to start again?

Will his fight be in vain in the end?

An emotional journey of two broken hearts, which will definitely not leave you with no tears.

¨Where there is no vision, there is hope.¨