Feb. 7, 2019

L.B. REYES – The Right Kind of Wrong (The Right Kind of Wrong #1)

The main characters:

Nathan: kind, loving, persistent, cavalier, he knows what he wants, artist, unhappy

Evelyn: Strong, persistent, unhappy, decisive, kind, good, witty, sarcastic

Carter: protective, friendly, chauffeur, good, loving





Power and wealth are what drives my family, which is why I’ve always had a strained relationship with them—especially with my sister Hannah. We just never seemed to care about the same things in life.

The day I returned home, I didn’t expect anything to be different…but I was wrong. 
My family is falling apart at the seams. My sister’s marriage is hanging by a thread, and I’m stuck in the middle of it. Why? Because I’m dangerously attracted to my brother-in-law.

Nathan is loving, kind, and completely off limits. But no matter how hard I try, how guilty I feel, I can’t stop myself from wanting him. 

And to make things worse, Nathan is the kind of man who knows what he wants, and he’s making it blatantly clear that what he wants…is me.




My thoughts:

This book was my first book of this writer and rightly said that I really like this series so far. It's not just romantic but also lies, scams and who don't like cheating, then it's better to avoid the book because it contains this topic.

Evie returns home after a long time. What's she expecting? To be equal or even worse than leaving it's not what she expects, though she is not surprised when she sees that things have not changed. Maybe they are even worse.

Her sister didn't even say hello, but just told her the rules that she must follow and that's it. She has the only support in her Nana, with whom she has a special bond.

But she is still lonely in a big house, where she is so cold and lonely. Then there's Nathan, her sister's husband with whom she has a special friendly bond. Is that really all that this is? All these years they have texted each other, keeping in contact and one night in the basement changes their fate, their lives.

Nathan suffers in his marriage and Evie is the only one he likes. Texting with her calmed him down and he could disconnect it for a little while. When she returned, everything changed. Emotions, longings, and intrigues begin to shout over them.

Slowly new truths are coming out, conspiracies, and deceptions are coming to an end. Evie no longer knows who to trust, who has betrayed her and who else will betray her. She wonders if it's worth staying, to fight, even she has to do all that alone.

A tense story full of intrigue, a conspiracy, forbidden love and, above all, a search for the truth. Who? Where? And why?

But is easy to find the truth and herself in the environment that she is? Is it better to let everything go and disappear?