Feb. 8, 2019

L.B. REYES - The Wrong Side Of Us (The Right Kind of Wrong #2)

The main characters:

Nathan: artist, persistent, determined, restless

Evelyn: strong, affected, sad, persistent, decisive

Carter: protective, friendly, chauffeur, good, loving

Derek: Suspicious






I can’t get her out of my head. 

I tried to forget about her. I tried to move on. But the longer we’re apart the more I realize forgetting Evelyn is just not an option for me. 

What we shared—the passion, the connection—it still burns inside my soul, and no amount of time or distance can extinguish that. I want her back. I want her by my side, and I don’t give a shit about the risks or consequences. 

I’m going to find her, and I’m going to make her realize that there’s just one place in this entire goddamn world she needs to be…and that’s with me.





My thoughts:

The continuation of Nathan and Evelyn's story is as tense as the first one. More secrets, new surprises - as bitter and sweet - and the challenges that they have to overcome.

Evelyn had to leave. She had to clear her mind and decide what she wants in the future. But she still doesn't have peace from all the secrets and problems. The worst fight is for love.

Nathan is lost without Evelyn. Although everything he did, he did for her own good, and in order to protect her, all though all the truth came out all wrong and in the worst time.

But that doesn't mean that he will not do anything to get her back. He doesn't exist without her. Even if he will have to fight again for her affection, attention, and love, he will.

The fight will not be easy, as a mysterious Derek appears, who wants all Evelyn's attention. What does he want? Where is he from? What are its purposes?

Nathan knows that something is wrong and is afraid of the worst. He finds out that the struggle for the love of his life will not be the easiest.

The conclusion of Nathan and Evelyn's story is tense to the end. Of course, this is not the end of the whole series, and I am looking forward to seeing other heroes and their stories.