Aug. 16, 2017

B. L. PRIDE (eng)

I am very happy and proud that writer B. from the duo B. L. Pride agreed to an interview for my blog. I know that some of you already know them, and I'm glad that you do, because that's how I heard about them. I'm glad because their books are great.

Anyone who does not know them, just a few briefly about them:

When the author Barbara Pristovnik finished her first novel that was originally written in Slovene, she never dreamed of sharing her lunacy with the rest of the planet but the other half of the team Lea Dežman put her foot down and decided to translate it into English.

I just want to thank you, for the support, for answered questions and for helping my first giveaway. B. you have a  heart of gold and you are fun, friendly and generous. It was a pleasure for me and I hope that we will continue to cooperate.


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1. Who are B. L. Pride? What do we still don't know about you?

Readers certainly do not know a lot of stuff. What was written on the website and in some of the books was the broadest, most general and at the same time still eloquent, which we were able to do at that moment, and although it is still true, it is also changing constantly.

Under the line, we are B. and L. - Barbara and Lea, two women, a friend from gymnasium, B., which writes, L., which translates into English and simultaneously with the proofreading team (composed by Andreja (aka Lektorama) Mateja and B.) proofread written things. Me, B., also answer these question. - and I assume all the responsibility for my own foolishness. Anyway, the readers of your blog probably already know me because I'm the one who's chatting on facebook, accepting orders, debating through a messenger and creating one or the other, In any case very genuine, the image of BL Pride.

2. Do you prefer to write in silence or listen to music? If you listen to music, which one is most common?

I rarely write in silence. This may happen once a month. Otherwise, I write in chaos. During cooking, during breaks, while waiting for a child, in the car, when I do something else, when I talk to the kids (just like now when I discuss with my child about what's our plans for July 20) ... This is a genuine working environment for me, but I can only dream about peace and quiet.

However, I never write with music - at least not the one I listen to for my soul. This's because music is the most important thing in the world for me. I never listen to the radio in the car and my husband always, when we changing cars, carefully shifts my USB flash drive from my car into his. I can't function without music. It is a way of life and inspiration, medicine, drugs, all the averages.

I'm pretty much undetected by the genre, and a lot of hard-core music is soul-oriented, although I don't limit it. Currently on the playlist: Tender, Eden, Crywolf and Echos. Obviously I have a phase of electronics :D They are groups and performers who are always "good one". Leonard Cohen, Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Kings of Leon, Evanescence ... Material for a book, not for an interview :)

3. What are you reading when you are not B.L. Pride? What kind of author do you like most and which book?

After I read in elementary school (and, quite possibly, understood on my own way) everything that came to my mind, and Shakespeare and Moliere were on my list as regularly as Five Friends (yeah, i am a madman) and after an accident I could borrow the quiet everything in the library also by Markiza de Sada (at that time it was not so funny), and now i am where i am. :D My absolute favorite is Sigrid Undset. And Isabel Allende. And  Arto Paassinna. And Proust. I love his composure and crazy thoughts.

4. Would you like to work with any other author? Which one?

Very dependable. I would not write with anyone. I can not imagine how it would go. Otherwise, I would be happy to work with the authors. Especially Slovenian. For the needs of B. L. Pride, the company Fabulist was founded, which would be happy to accept new authors. Something is cooking (well, it's not cooking - we're writing a shopping list), otherwise we leave time for time. The right things must last.

5. What is your bad habit?

My bad habit is my eternal chaos. In the head, in papers, on a computer ... everywhere. The only thing that is unusually edited is the earlier mentioned USB flash drive. :D And high expectations of others. This goes especially to my nerves, because it means, that you will be disappointed. But it's not fair. But sometimes I just can't help it. L. doesn't have a bad habits, it's understandable :D :D :D

6. How you relax from writing?

I don't need to relax from writing. Writing relaxes me from everything else. Otherwise, it is true that I must sometimes disconnect from other issues related to the issue of books and to all related work. I do this in quite conventional ways and at the same time different, depending on what I have to disconnect off. Otherwise I am a teacher, I have two schoolchildren (and a man who also applies :D), so I relax sometimes with a walk with a dog, sometimes with a chat with children, sometimes with my husband, then by sticking to one of the cats and we are nice, quietly together or go to chat-therapy with L.

7. From where do you get inspiration for books and how do you research for new books?

I'm researching it all the time, I write it up. I know where I want to go, I like open stories, full of tips, those that challenge the reader and his imagination, and sometimes his values. What a lot of research for what I'm writing is not necessary, however, my history on google is very violent and often also stupid. But google has all the answers of the world - even if they are wrong.

8. I know that in the books it says that events, places and people are fictional, but nonetheless, is there any inspiration possible from some people in real life? Who do you imagine when you write all those heroes?

I never imagine anyone, and no one has ever been created on the basis of a real person. Only one character has an indirect experiential basis - an asshole about which I listened a lot. :D Otherwise, no. Even an attempt to include a truly cute scene in a book that is just in proofreading has sadly collapsed. My books are my imaginary worlds and there is no room for reality.

9. When did the first idea or draft for the first book come into being? Was this idea Beyond Life or did an idea for these books come up somewhere in between?

The first idea came somewhere at the crossroads, when I was standing with a baby in a stroller, at the red light. The first realization of this idea came about a year and a half later When I was home after cancer of the cervix. And now we are here. :D  Thank God :D

10. Why ¨unusual¨ topic in the Beyond Life series?

It does not seem unusual to me. Is it unusual? Fantasy, and there's no border. But it was the concept - two groups in which I would easily classify most people from everyday life - I really like it, still. If a fantasy plot is that he still sustains his life in real life, if there is a meaningful coral between what we live and what we read, this is in my criteria. I do not like stories where there is too much of everything. If there are vampires let it be vampires. If they are traveling through time, let it be. Not everything and more. I want this for my books.

11. Did you plan to make the Beyond Life series in four books?

When I started writing, I didn't even plan that anyone will even read my books :D Oh yeah ... and who said that Beyond Life it would be in four books?!?!

12. Most people love fairy tales and I am interested in how you came up with the idea of "modifying¨ the Red Riding Hood?

The fairy tale, Story about Margot in Ulf, came  after a conversation with a friend who, like me, was impressed with tattoos. The word gave the word, comment gave an idea, and I began to think about what variations on the relationship between a girl and a wolf could exist. Well, the story was born.

13. How much is the original story about Lynn and Gareth similar to the story in the NEzaSLIŠaNO (Outrageous)? Which part is the same or is everything changed?

The original short story and the NEzaSLIŠaNO (Outrageous) have very little in common. Love, of course, but this is common to all my stories. Names and basic idea - idiotic, psychotic husband, wife, lover ... The end is changed, an important character is added. In fact, Gareth was basically split, duplicated, divided from the baseline story in the NEzaSLIŠaNO (Outrageous) ... I do not know what. From Gareth, Gareth and Kyle were formed.

14. Is there a new story? Can you hint about her?

The new book is in the proofreading phase and comes in summer. Soon. It is a surprise, which I hope will make the reader's take their  breath away.

Otherwise, I translate myself from English (because I had an English writing phase) and for the year 2018 I plan to release at least two of the three parts of the fantasy series, which is exceptional in my heart. It seems to me that my favorite B.L. Pride male character comes up, and I really look forward to seeing this story come to life.

In December, this year, I also plan a short fairy tale, which will be right for the winter days and perfect for gifts.

15. What would you say to all readers who are reading your books and follow you?

I can only say thank you to everyone reading and follow B.L. Pride. I am grateful for every purchase, every reading, every loan, any recommendation, any comment ... I like to talk with the readers who have ever asked a question or thought that they would like to share, I am very happy with the positive comments and words that confirm, that the reader felt exactly what I wanted to revive. Of course, not everybody likes the same books - the books of B. L. Pride are no exception. Someone more likes one, and others the other one ... It's right: :) I write for my soul, not for recognition or praise, but I am extremely happy when I hear or read the words of encouragement and enthusiasm. This undoubtedly pervades the new enthusiasm and will even in times, when you would most likely admit that a friend (also the writer itself) had a right when she said: "Just be careful that  when you die, they don't find unpublished books under your bed! You, who would only write and publish nothing. " :D Thanks again to all those who supported our work. I am always available to you on facebook, as well as on, where he sometimes lives and sometimes rest, the blog.